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We Need More Defensive Locations


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With levels in general, I feel it's quite...odd. Things are placed likely where they shouldn't be. For example, crates are in almost any part of Corpus ship. Don't they organize anything? Of course, these things are used mainly for movement (wall running or for a boost) or, in the enemy's case, cover. This made me think about something.


There are no decent areas to defend.


Certainly, that doesn't stop us from defending. Players can use crates for cover and all of that, but there are no locations that are purposefully defensive outside of Endless Defense (duh). I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I'm approached by an enemy, I'm not very aggressive. I try to keep my distance so they don't land a lot of hits, and constantly run away from them rather than towards them. I enjoy melee, but I try to depart groups before engaging any soldiers.


After playing like this for a while, I noticed many buildings are broken and battered. This reduces the enemy's defense, and allows Tenno to jump through cracks and appear in strange areas, but there's no where for neither enemy nor Tenno to hide in.


Whenever I'm assaulted heavily, I often die because there's no where to run. I'm boxed in, and there's no walls between me and my enemy. Having a repaired building allows Tenno to defend when a heavy unit appears, and also allows enemies to better support their team (sniper shooting out of a window, for example). I'd personally love to see more structures in the game that we can use to our advantage.


tl;dr Add more buildings to enter so we can defend (or assault?)

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