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The Shadow Society Is Recruiting!


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Clan Name: TSS - The Shadow Society
Leader: ChunkyChub
Co-Leaders: Devious2001 & Ferrosa
Current Members: [12/100]
http://theshadowsociety.shivtr.com/ (Small Application on Site Please Follow Link)

TSS is basically about gathering together a great group of mature people from any skill level to come together and play as a community.


To put it plainly we are a strong community of active friendly players looking to expand and gain new awesome people. We have raidcall and our own site, we play Warframe as well as other games and we enjoy playing as a team and having fun.


Your level doesn't matter here, only that you play the objective of the game in Warframe and help your teammates (whether they are clan members or not) achieve the objective.


Now if you've read this far obviously something has peaked your interests, but I'm sure your thinking "What makes TSS different from every other clan out there?". The truth is we are a clan of people looking to recruit just like everyone else. But what makes us different is the sense of community we have for our fellow clan mates. This isn't just a clan of randoms who play the same game, we are growing clan who enjoys playing together and cutting up and having a good time. So if you want to be part of a community where you can grow and have a ton of fun doing it hit us up on here, in game, or even raid call.




NOTE: Mature players only, and please do not spam us with, "Can I get in plz plz plz!" Because I guarantee you, that will make us not want you.


We will be adding other games soon too. If you have any questions feel free to contact me here through PM or feel free to drop by in our RaidCall group and speak to me or any of the moderators there. RC ID 9254861



Dojo Research is done.

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