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Wtt/wts Imprints (1 X-Splotch) Sahasa/huras/sunika

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I prefer to sell only 1 imprint (other is to be used for experiments) but I can sell 2 if price is good.

Note that starting prices are for 1 imprint


1. Sauce [currently maturing] - both imprints being traded once matured -



starting price: 40p (1)


clearer picture of x-splotch:


2. Fried [next in line to be matured]



-starting price: 30p (1)



3. Grass


-grey and orange stripes

-red eyes

-starting price: 40p (1)




Please post all offers on this thread. Auctioning ends when they have matured or a good price has been met


Thanks ~

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