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Died After End Of Mission, Stuck Unable To Complete Quest Or Leave


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So, I was doing an Alert Mission in Earth (Lilith) today, a few minutes before posting here.


It was a capture, which I completed normally (after using 1 revive, to leave me at 3/4 revives).


When I finished the mission (and I could swear the mission screen came up and everything), I suddenly look back up at the screen and my guy is dead. I get a prompt if I would like to Abort, to which I reply no. 


I then proceed to use another revive (2/4) and walk back to the end (somehow I had been ported back to the start of the mission).


As I walked, it seemed like all of the enemies spawned back, but did not move or recognize me at all (also, the game UI was limited: only showed Chat, but I could bring up the map with the 'M' keyword). I could kill them (smashed a couple of Grineer) but they did nothing except die. 


I walked all the way to the end, but the mission end did not trigger. I tried now aborting, but it told me I could not abort because the mission was already complete. I had to force-exit the game from the desktop (merely right click -close did the trick).


I got screenshots for the end of it (my location in the map showing the green 'go-to' area and the 'mission could not be aborted' message.Not entirely sure how to post screenshots here.


Hopefully this helps the devs. Let me know if this is not the right place for this, or if you need anything else.


I wouldn't say no to a tiny compensation truth be told, but it is so minor anyway that I don't really care, but hopefully you guys can fix this. 


Edit: I just logged back in, and everything (credits, mods, revives) seems in place, just fyi.

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