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Forgotten Oath Is Full. [Brand New Clan - 0 Spots Open]


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Forgotten Oath is a brand new ghost clan looking for fun members of all skill levels and play styles (casual/hardcore).

About Me: I'm a founder and a long time player. If you ever have questions or need help with anything I'm the first guy to jump at the chance. I'm caught in between casual and hardcore, depends on the day. I'm also fairly laid back, it's more about the journey than the destination.

Members: I'm looking for like minded people who want to grow a community and not just a clan. There are no requirements to join but I do expect people to act kindly and maturely.

Dojo: The layout is all planned out and I have almost all of the resources required to fully build the dojo (mostly missing forma's). Being a brand new ghost clan however, there is nothing complete and everything is a work in progress. The only constraint is time.

VoIP: I do have a RaidCall if anyone is interested.

Graphics and Designs: There will be opportunities for members to contribute and make graphical designs such as logos, banners, etc.

There are currently no requirements to join. Feel free to leave any recruitment requests or questions below. You can also PM me in game, I'm frequently on.

In Game Name(ign): Kerher


-- Update 1 --

We are currently full and building our dojo as quickly as possible!

Edited by Kerher
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