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I've got to sell some rare cards and prime stuff. Contact me if u are interested :D


Lex Prime Barrel: 5 pl

Sicarus Prime Barrel: 5 pl

Dakra Prime Blueprint 5pl

Boltor Prime Barrel: 10 pl



Ember Prime Helmet: 5 pl

Frost Prime Chassis: 5 pl

Rhino Prime Blueprint: 10 pl



Flow: 5 pl

Shock Absorbers 5 pl

Accelerated Blast: 5 pl

Wildfire: 5 pl each (got 2)

Energy Channel: 5 pl

Intensify: 10 pl each (got 2)

Critical Delay: 10 pl

Barrel Diffusion: 10 pl

Pistol Pestilence: 10 pl 

Malignant Force:15 pl each (got 3)

Toxic Barrage: 15 pl each (got 2)



Iron Phoenix: 10 pl each (got 2)

Cleaving Whirlwind : 25 pl


That's all i've got to offer. See you ingame tenno :)

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