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Wtt/wts Kubrow Imprints (Bulky Striped Raksa, Patched Blue-Silver Sahasa, Raksa With Striped Legs)

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I have some imprints to trade or sell again, please allways state wther you want one or both imprints. For trading I'm looking for dark fur colours like black and dark grey, the pattern is not that important. White, red and blue are nice too.

I would trade them for prime parts I don't have too, if anyone is interested in that otherwise they are sold for plat.



1. Skuld - Raksa - build: small bulky - fur: greyish-brown with dark tigerstripes (2 Imprints available)





2. Dantalion - Sahasa- build: medium thin - fur: silver blue patched (2 Imprints available)





1. Caleb- Raksa - build: tall mediocre - fur: grey and brownish with stripes on his legs (2 Imprints available)



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