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Dream Or Nightmare.


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Pilot sat down on his cockpit's pilot seat turned on the star map and few other machines. He looked at the map of the planets made few calls to ask does his contacts have any missions as he is a mercenary even he has lost his eyes. Thanks to sound vision what was given to him by Garoy and Mirage at the Dome. All his contacts said "Nothing ask some other time" Pilot closed his phone with a gasp.


Soon he fell asleep. He found himself in a forest of Earth with his pet owl to help him on the darkness. Pilot arrived to his favorite waterfall smelt the fresh air mixed with smallest drops of water in the air. World what Pilot is dark and colorless but he didn't mind it. He has mastered his new way of seeing things. He didn't admit that he misses the colors what he used to see until he saved a Saryn.


Now he saw another Tenno down there near of a river. Being attacked by something. Pilot made his favorite move again. Impossible Survival. He took few steps back ordered his owl to fly to check the situation then after few seconds he ran towards the edge and made the jump pulled out his sniper rifle. Took aim as he is falling down saw the targets.


First shot blew up one of the enemy of the Tenno's head in to pieces. Second shot impaled second enemy of the Tenno back bone shredding a tunnel on the throat but Pilot couldn't land death shot on the third enemy so took aim shot on the thigh of the enemy Pilot hit the water. Quickly swam on the beach and made run for it Tenno is a Nyx the same one who he saved once already.


The Grustag with a hammer started the swing but at the end of the swing hammer didn't hit Nyx. It hit the Pilot. "RYAEH! YUAUUH!" Pilot shouted then whined. Grustag growled and prepared for another swing Pilot focused even after that blow on his chest. Pulling out his handgun emptying whole magazine of head shots on the grustag and this fell on this back for his death.


Pilot dropped on his butt and was holding his chest with unarmed hand Nyx stood up and started inspecting his rescuer "I am alright... Get out of here... Before more of them comes" Pilot said slowly the brakk hammer had punched some of the armor inside of his chest. "Not you are not going to stay alive if I am not going to help you" Nyx said "Listen to me! I will more likely slow you down. Get yourself out of here... My soul has no price but your own has. NOW LEAVE! RUN!" Pilot shouted.


Nyx resisted took off her helmet revealing the same familiar face. She opened Pilot's helmet Pilot saw few golden wires on this Nyx. "I don't deserve anything anymore. You have a chance to live. You have chance to change. Take it" Pilot said "I have a chance to change somebody" Nyx whispered "No... It is too late for me..." Pilot resisted the thought that Nyx meant him.


Nyx laid her hand right hand on back of the Pilot's head pulled man with left hand from left shoulder gave kiss but this is different Pilot's health system instantly warned him that there is technocyte on his body "Why?" Pilot asked before he felt that the changes started his flesh being evolved and mutated to another form. Bones deconstructed and constructed to another form.


Pilot attempted to shout but his mouth was covered with hand "This is reward from the Void. Reward from your sacrifice" Nyx said. Pilot's form started to change the sound vision was being lost and his armor becoming another. He couldn't stand the pain soon fainted. Pilot woke up "*gasp* Just a dream?" Pilot asked from himself and looked at his hands sound vision told him that they are what they are supposed to be.


"Was that a dream or a nightmare?" Pilot thought "Never. Feel. Fear. Again. Would it be possible that Nyx what I saved long time ago didn't have a man?" Pilot questioned in his mind. "No... I don't have enough strong will" Pilot thought. Is this very dream or nightmare what Pilot saw his future or was it really made up by his subconscious? He doesn't know. Nobody knows but one thing Pilot does know "Time tells this story and we listen and we react" 

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