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Yet Another Kubrow Maintance Rework Suggestion


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I know, there were a lot of suggestions on this theme already, but still here's my ideal Kubrow maintance scheme:

1) "Loyalty" stat should decrease every day by 20% (from 100% to 0%). On 0% Loyalty Kubrow wont use any skill and wont attack enemies — i.e. unloyal Kubrow's completely useless.

2) Player can restore that 20% Loyalty by inreracting with Kubrow once in a day. Meaning, you shoud interact with your mutt every single day. If you missed several days, you can feed him some Kubrow Food (greedy milk anyone?). Kubrow food should be buyable with credits and restore 20-40% Loyalty.

3) "DNA integrity" stat should be changes to "Health condition" (from 100% to 0%). When your Kubrow dies, it's Health condtion descreases by 40% and his HP and Shield also decreases. When Kubrow's Health condition is on 0% next death is permanent.

4) Player can heal Kubrow's injures with special medcine, buyable on market.

5) Stasis chambers works as the do now.

6) You can release your Kubrow into the wild, since it wont die of DNA-related ilness.


That's it.

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