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New Players Should Never Upgrade Their Clan Tier



This topic is for new players with their own new ghost clan planning to upgrade their clan size. Here are the reasons why they should never upgrade their clan:

- clan tier/size can't be reduced/degraded

- upgrading your clan tier makes researches cost more

- almost everybody is already in a clan (hard to recruit new members)

- members will never be always active at all times (some could become inactive anytime)

- members could leave your clan if its inactive,boring or researches are not done

- planning to add decorations while you are in a high tier clan makes it cost a lot of materials

- there are already many famous huge old clans with a lot of members


Being in a Ghost clan has more advantages than being in a larger empty/inactive clan.

Upgrading to Shadow clan is ok but upgrading further is pointless, it just makes things worse.

Nobody is going to join a new moon clan with 1-10 members and incomplete researches.

Joining a large alliance is the best solution if you want more team mates.

Upgrade your clan only if you know your friends/players very well, don't trust random strangers.

New Ghost and Shadow clans still have chances to recruit new members and fill the clan.

New Storm,Mountain,Moon clans don't really have chances to recruit new members.

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So this is the future of Warframe?

There can't be new large clans anymore because everybody is already in a clan.


I am in a old Storm clan with 20 members, it used to have 30-40 members but now its very inactive, I can't recruit new players because "everybody is already in a clan". This feature to upgrade clan tier become Useless and Pointless, it ruins the clan.


If DE ever makes the feature to degrade/reduce the clan size or tier, this problem could be solved.

Another solution would be if they would create a feature that makes researches cost more based on the number of (active) players and not on clan tier. I don't know if they will ever gonna work on clan system/features or clan dojo, its been a long time since these problems exist.


Its not balanced that new large clans don't have a chance to recruit new members while older large clans always have chances.

Until this is not solved, I warn new players to not upgrade clan size/tier.

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