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Prime Parts Scrap Heap

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Hello, I have been trying for the longest time to get the Rhino Prime Blueprint and chassis, I have been failing at this.

So here I offer up all my bits and peices to any and all for whatever we can agree is a sensible price


Here is the list... (Alphabetical)

-Ankyros Prime Blueprint

-Arcane Avalon Helmet Blueprint

-Arcane Backdraft Helmet Blueprint

-Bo Prime Ornament x2

-Boar Prime Receiver

-Boltor Prime Stock

-Burston Prime Blueprint

-Burston Prime Stock

-Ember Prime Helmet Blueprint

-Frost Prime Chassis Blueprint x2

-Latron Prime Barrel

-Latron Prime Blueprint

-Mag Prime Chassis Blueprint

-Paris Prime Lower Limb

-Reaper Prime Blueprint

-Reaper Prime Blade

-Wyrm Prime Blueprint


Platinum would be very welcome of course, but should anyone have those Rhino Prime parts I mentioned I would gladly debase myself in public trade any requested item or items for them, providing I have them.

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