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Stalker Encounters



Hey, wassup.

I'm pretty new here, even though I started playing like, a month ago...

(Just want to add, this forum has been enormously helpful, I just search for the right topic; great community)

So, going about the Stalker, I've met that guy, like, once.....I've got two more messages since and I'm wetting myself xD

I've read a lot of stuff on beating the Stalker, but I want to know- how did YOUR first encounter with the Stalker go?

My case, I warned my teammate, the idiot didn't even notice. I passed through a door, saw the Stalker kneeling, and I completely lost my mind.

I went on him with Dual Ethers. 

Yep. Very pro.

I was dead in two seconds flat.

Well, how did you guys fare?

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Ouf my first encounter... damn more than one year now but i still remember:

Lights started flickering and i was like "What the f*** is happening?" I got the messages ann since i got through this game pretty easily i just thougt "well, bring it on then". So i waited until i saw him and starting to unleash hell on him and i actually was able to beat him thanks to my lvl 8 Steel Fiber mod which worked with shields back in the day :D

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