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Selling Stances, Rare Mods, And Many Prime Parts! Cheap!

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IGN: RagnarokkiansEdge
Steam: Netscape/Calvinat0r123
Most Mods are 5plat, PM any offers, i am always willing to trade.
Fleeting Expertise 
(R4)Narrow Minded
Reflex guard
Primary Weapon:
Arrow Mutation
Critical Delay
Hammer Shot
Hell's Chamber
Vicious Spread
Vile Precision
Vital Sense
Secondary Weapon:
Magnum Force
Steady Hands
Stunning Speed
Tainted Clip
Melee Weapon:
Energy Channel
Sundering Strike 
Power throw
(max)Cleaving Whirlwind
(max)Crossing Snakes
Burning Wasp
Clashing Forest
Eleventh Storm
Fracturing Wind
Reaping Spiral
Shattering Storm
Sinking Talon
Swirling Tiger
Rifle Amp
Prime Parts:
Boltor  prime Receiver
Boltor  prime stock 
Boltor  prime Barrel
Dakra   Prime Handle
Ember   Prime Blueprints
Fang    Prime Blueprints
Frost   Prime Chassis
Frost   Prime Systems
Latron  Prime Barrel 
Latron  Prime Stock
Mag     Prime Chassis
Paris   Prime Blueprint
Paris   Prime Lower Limb
Reaper  Prime Blueprint
Rhino   Prime Systems
Sicarus Prime Blueprints
Loki    Prime Blueprints


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