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Lore Twist Game


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SO what are your complaints about warframe?


Figure out the lore behind it.


Make a suggestion.


Figure out lore behind suggestion


Don't like someones suggestion?


Come up with lore to explain how it failed and what happened as a result.


Don't like how person corrupt lore?


Come up with lore to improve situation.


Dislike that improvement lore, counter it with bad lore and so forth.


Like someone's lore, build on that lore with your own to improve it.




Person A hates stasis recovery and creates lore behind it and suggests fix by creating lore on how it got done.


Person B hates suggestion and comes up with lore either on how it failed and his own suggestion or simply how it failed.


Person C dislikes Person B's lore and creates his own to counter it and improve things


Person D likes person A's lore and creates lore to improve it.


Person F creates lore to back up person A


Person U creates lore to back up person C and so forth.






DOES NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THIS ORDER. it can be random. Do whatever you want lore wise, the only rule is no rants, lore only. And suggestions via lore. There is NO starting lore. Complain via lore about anything and create lore to fix it if you want or destoy another persons lore or back up anyone's lore,etc.





These lores are basically suggestions and people hating on those suggestions like any old suggestion/complaint thread except with a lore twist. You are only to convey your feelings via lore, not typical words. Want to convey disapproval, etc., do it via lore.


There is a story behind everything, use it to convey your feelings rather than ranting. NO RANTS.


And you DON"T have to counter anyone's lore. You can simply start your own with any complaint you have at the risk of someone corrupting/countering it.

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