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Missing Platinum gear, not received platinum for it.


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Hey, as a lot of people seem to have had, I've spent time earlier fixing my game after it freaked out and wouldn't load without the dreaded Evolution Engine error. I managed to fix the game by uninstalling, deleting the local appdata stuff and re-downloading/installing.

Unfortunately, I am now missing my Rhino Bundle pack (and presumably the levels/mods achieved today), and my platinum account is still what it was AFTER buying the pack - in short, I'm down items and platinum. I just got a founder package today after having a lot of fun on the game yesterday, which kinda sucks given I've had nothing but problems since.

Still, I know it's beta, so I'm not going to kick off or anything, and I still want to play the game and am enjoying it. I'd just like to point out this error (looking around, it seems others have this issue as well?) and hopefully get a response saying either "Here is your Rhino bundle with all relevant earnt levels/mods", "Here is the platinum value refunded so you can rebuy it but we can't give back the levels/mods" or even "We're looking at this and hope to have it fixed asap".

Thanks fellas.

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