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Auction Blue/grey + Brown Kubrow And Red + Black Lotus Sahasa

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 Selling those 2 kubrows, if you're interested you can post here or ingame (srfrilin), no privates via forum for bids please but if you have any question about the auction i'll be glad to answer you this way.


 Fair Auction: First person who pay Buyout (if someone pay it) will get the kubrow, don't try to bid for more if i get buyout price. I think there is no need about adding it but looks like some ppl didn't do it.

  • Gender: Male
  • Imprints: x2
  • Starting Bid: 50
  • Current Bid: --
  • Min. bid increment: 20p
  • Buyout:  200
  • Bind Ends: 8/8/2014 reset




  • Type: Sahasa
  • Gender: Male
  • Imprints: x2
  • Starting Bid: 100
  • Current Bid: SOLD -Khorne- Buyout
  • Min. bid increment: 20p
  • Buyout: 1600plat. So high yeah but rare colors and really a big beast, idc if it's sold for bidding instead of buyout, good luck everyone ^^.
  • Bind Ends: 8/8/2014 at restart, buyout and bids after restart don't will be accepted. Plz if u buyout post it HERE before asking me ingame: first buyout in that thread is who will get the kubrow (anyway so high i think probably not but  that is the way).









 Also Recording my Black Raksa with Grey Lotus Auction, still a puppy but nice colors, just see pics here ^^: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/284245-auction-black-raksa-with-grey-lotus-and-v-back-also-already-mature-really-big-red-sahasa-with-black-lotus/


 Good Luck and Happy Bidding.

Edited by srfrilin
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