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Mirage's Hall Of Mirrors Bug


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Hello everyone, i wanted to inform a little bug that happens sometimes (can't say how does this happens, but well...) wich is giving me chills when i play with a Mirage.


So, this is the story: with two guys we decided to farm some Vay Hek's Beacons in Ceres, and suddenly a Mirage joins our game and started to use Hall of Mirrors, as every Mirage, but as sometimes happens, Mirage's clones didn't dissapear and stays in the last position before the ability's time passed up. i warned him that using Hall of Mirrors were bugged, but he ignored me and kept using the ability.


In personal experience i think that Mirage is a good Warframe, but has this little problem...:



The worst is that he was using Castanas...



Now, the screenshots were in Medium graphics with almost everything disabled and still makes the game freeze until the Castanas explosion were finished.


I know that maybe you'll tell me "Oh, but its only you the one who's suffering this graphical bug". I'll tell you that's not true, the host could see the same as me and the game started to lag quite a lot.


Then the guy who used Mirage left the session and guess what... the copies didnt dissapeared. and we were forced to stay 3 more waves with +26 copies floating around the map.


That's it, Vykhram out!


Edit 1: I don't know where do i have to report Warframes bugs but i trust that one moderator can help me.

Edit 2: I usually play in max with everything enabled (except motion blur).

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