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Warframe Stalker Cosplay!


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Alright guys I'm gonna need some help, I'm looking for warframe cosplayers to give me some advice on how I should go about making it, I'm not going to be doing a helmet, I'll be doing a platinum white wig and I'll be doing a half face mask that starts from underneath my chin and stops underneath my nose, there's a picture floating around that describes it well, any advice is well appreciated!

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I appreciate it! At this point I need all the help I can get.




After a few quick calls, he said he used something called instamorph, but it didn/t come cheap, anyways, I asked him a little about it  and he told me it'd be awesome for molding helmets / masks, if you're good with your hands, but you'd probably need something else to complete the rest of the suit, both because it'll make sure you dotn blow a whole through the budget, and because a fully molded suit is suceptible to damage because it could end up rather flimsy if not properly done



Also, he suggested that if you were doing the helmet, that you create a wireframe a small size larger than your own head, and use some sort of perspec so you can see out, from that wireframe, you can start molding, but dont forget to add details last. He did not mention though, how you could paint the thing



All the best bro! looking forward to see your stuff

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