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Stuck On Datamass


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Note: I don't know how to screencap on PS4 or how to upload it. I would appreciate if someone could explain to me.


I was playing an Infested Spy mission today online. I believe I was the host. When we got to the last Datamass I encountered the bug. First, we were unable to pick up the datamass after it appeared from the console. Eventually, after all four players had attempted to pick up the datamass several times, one player managed to pick it up, but only for about a single stride, after which he dropped it. I then walked over to it and got stuck. Occasionally the game would allow me to slide quickly, but only in the direction I was initially facing and only for a fraction of a second before I became unable to move again. I couldn't use abilities, jump, or do any kind of movements besides those occasional slides, and an odd animation where I would walk or run in place when I attempted to do those actions. I could not manage to free myself, even after being hit by enemies and being downed. My teammates couldn't extract because the datamass was trapped under me, so eventually they quit.


I remember this happening to me in the past, before I knew about the forums, and saw it happen to other players as well.

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