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We Lucky Few Is Recruiting


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Hey guys and gals-


WLF is passively recruiting at this time.


We're a small group of guys who are fairly active on a daily basis during various timezones, and we're looking for a few extra people to utilize in our day-to-day endeavors.


At the moment, what that entails is very simply, setting up a solid team composition for 1hour+ t4 void survivals by way of theorycrafting, farming for desired weapons/frames/mods, re-leveling weapons/frames post-forma, and of course, teambuilding excercises.


As you may ascertain from the above outline of our operations, we are not yet what would be considered a competitive-level group; we are in the process of transforming into the beginning stages of becoming such a group.


On a very basic level, our candidates will be/have:

-18 yrs old minimum, older preferred

-Solid knowledge of game mechanics

-Drive to be the best

-Ts3 with a mic (non-negotiable)

-Ability to accept criticism without becoming butthurt (we can be harsh critics)

-Proficiency in many/several/multiple frames, weapons, and companions

-Interest in joining the clan and helping it move to the next level of it's progression (obviously)


Please respond with your interest and availability so we have a chance to contact you in-game and set up an introduction via our Teamspeak server, to determine if we're going to be the right clan for you, or alternatively you may contact me in-game to the same end.


Do keep in mind that the recruiting process is not instant and may take several days, depending on availability both of yourself and of our recruiters and myself, so please be patient!!

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Hey im interested but not in your clan...

I like to do really long survivals like 1hour 30mins + long, and i have a solid group to run with but we dont play to often like once a week maybe twice, and could do with another solid group to run with like your clan even though i dont wanna join, i would like to play some time. when me and my team actually sit down and play we always hit the top 10 clans of that week, and would happily share our builds, room setups, and theories with you and your clan.

i could also be beneficial and help you grow as i run an large alliance of 41 clans and we offer voice chat for the whole alliance to use which is how i found my solid team, so you would be welcomed very well if you wanted to join. i dont want this to sound to much like an recruitment so i wont go in any more details that that here.

But if your interested in running some survivals or the alliance private message me please!

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