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Ceres Shipyard Defense Lighting Bug, And Getting Stuck Under Moving Platform


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First off sorry if this has already been reported, i looked around and didn't notice anything so figured I'd cover them.


The first bug I have noticed for a while is when using your abilities or channeling on the ceres shipyard defense tileset it turns your energy pink no matter what you are using. (specificaly i have noticed it on the dark sector defense). It will start out looking like your energy color then change to the pink color. This is not game breaking but can be a bit obnoxious. I believe this is related to the tinting on the lighting of the tile but that might not be the culprit. See img for example.




The other bug is that in the second location for the moving pod if you stand in its path you can get stuck under or inside it till it moves again. The one time it happened to me i was able to jump out through the floor but another player in the same mission was stuck in the platform till it moved. See img for example of me underneath.


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