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Seraphim Stasis Warframe


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I had a thought on a warframe and a few friends and I brainstormed on a interesting idea and we thought of a frame that is solely meant for support and here is what we thought of.


Name: Seraphim

Role: Support

Stat's:  Health 150

            Shield: 75

            Armor: 15

            Energy: 150


Abilities: Construct- Seraphim digitally creates a construct that attracts in enemy's and once destroyed it knocks back enemy's that are slowed down.

              Void- Seraphim throws an orb of energy in the center of combat and it pulls in enemy's within a 5ft radius and blasts back out that throw's targets back that slows and give's enemy's a radiation effect.

              Repel- Seraphim releases a blast of energy in a 180 degree diameter at max throwing enemy's forward that damage them.

              Pulse- Seraphim is lifted off the ground and six digital wing's wrap around her and when she releases in a 360 degree radius a blast of stasis energy throws everyone around her back and continues to release these blasts of energy for a certain period of time, these blasts go off in a pulsating way and enemy's caught in it are throw into stasis and slowed down similar to rhino's stomp.


tell me what you think everyone.

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