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[Melee Weapon Concept] The Best Offense Is A Good Defense


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If someone out there already made a topic that is similar to what I'm about to type. You have my apology.

So far almost little to none of the users actually uses Block, it is as if the blocking feature is completely pointless. I'm suggesting giving melee weapons an alternative, a legitimate defensive Melee weapon/Stance or even Mods that truly involves Blocking making it as equally useful as the usual hacking and slashing.
Before Silva&Aegis release, I imagined that melee weapon would be a defensive type but I was wrong and I felt a little disappointed (I can't be the only one that thought of this).
The potential is there, I'm sure DE noticed that already.

ps: I <3 you DE! Thanks for everything that you guys had poured in making Warframe a better game.

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The first thing that came to mind after reading this post was "what if blocking attacks increased the combo counter?"

It'd be a very niche mechanic and rely on there being quite a number of enemies in front to actually make a difference, but once it works in your favour then the base 35 damage of the Silva & Aegis may just not be so laughable anymore.


Of course, as long as blocking takes up stamina and can then just run out, leaving you completely open to attack even if you were to stand completely still behind an iron wall of a shield. I don't think it'll see much use even if it's improved.

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