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No Psn Friends! Need Help Farming Primes/blueprints/mods! Please Help...



Greetings fellow Tenno –


I’ve posted something similar to this previously, however the feedback I received was insipid - so I’m hoping for better results this time around!


Here’s my dilemma: all of my PS4 friends are Madden-only gamers.  They refuse to venture toward anything non-sports related.  All of my diehard Warframe friends are strictly Xbox gamers.  I literally have ZERO friends with whom I can play Warframe.  I use normal mission runs as opportunities to connect with others.  However out of all the messages/requests/invites that I have sent while online, I still (to this day) have yet to receive as much as a response.


Not here to make this a sob story, but I feel like I’ve barely tapped into all that Warframe has to offer.  My rank level is 7, yet I’ve never joined a clan, played in a dojo, Dark Sector, or in a conclave match.  Sadly, I haven’t even played beyond wave 25 in a Defense mission.  I’ve been playing this game since the release of PS4 and I still do not have any Prime weapons or Warframes.  Many of you can agree that T3 Survival missions are extremely challenging when playing solo (or with a team of Sectors), therefore my mod/blueprint farming is substantially limited.


One solution to my conundrum is if Warframe offered cross-play between Xbox and PS.  Since realistically that will not happen within the foreseeable future, what other possible options do I have for connecting with other Tenno so that I can enjoy the full experience of Warframe?!


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Friend me on psn I am a warlord in my clan and have quite a few people around the same rank as you age wise too we are a lot more casual than some clans juat message me and I will get you in contact with most of my clan you dont have to join this is the best way I know how to get you in contact with alot of people.

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You should check in the "recruit" tab and see who's requesting players to complete missions, there's always people recruiting whether to join a clan or a mission in specific.


Farming recommendations, look in warframe wiki the prime weapon/frame you wanna farm and complete those missions until you get all pieces and then move on to the next one and so on.


Add me in game in case you need help with any mission, i'll be glad to help

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