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Hello Warframe Community!


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I am by no means a new Warframe player and just thought I'd introduce myself a little more to you all :D


My name is Daniel and I'm from Scotland, United Kingdom. I have played on Playstation 4 Warframe since the PS4's UK launch back in November 2013 and have been enjoying every moment of it.


Despite what anyone thinks my PSN name has very little relation to Mortal Kombat's Subzero, in fact, I picked the name because of where I am from (Scotland) and it is usually very cold in the winter, usually hear plenty "subzero temperatures" on the weather forecasts at that time of year and of course, I am a gamer so 1 add 1 combined and I came up with SUB-ZER0GAMER.


On a side note, I am also on Xbox Live but not active yet... my Gamertag for Xbox Live is SUBZ3R0GAMER and yes, I will be giving Warframe a go on Xbox Live too :D


Thanks for reading this, it was fun introducing myself to everyone out there.

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