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Making A Bug List


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Game locks up when viewing Codex.

Game locked up when finishing second mission.  (The one where you had to rescue the guy and esort him out). (Bug resulted in loss of progress)

Game takes a very long time to load when entering mission select screen.  (Spins saying Please wait)

Some missions require you to play in solo mode to avoid game locking up.

Game often unresponsive when in menus while in ship. (Often times pressing B to back out does nothing.)



I was really excited when I saw this game was live on Xbox One yesterday, as I've heard a LOT of really great thigns about it.  I am hopeful these bugs get squashed soon as it's a bit of a tease to get into a game only to have so many bugs it's nearly unplayable.

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This one`s a pretty big issue (I`m watching rage messages fill up the in game chat box as I`m typing this.)

The game won`t allow you to play co-op with anyone. It`ll just sit there for a good 5 min searching for players before giving you the option to solo the mission. Earlier today it was working fine, but the co-op portion seems to have taken a sudden vacation.

Kind of a problem for a game that encourages you to play with others.


Another issue that just happened to me:

When entering navigation there is no UI. You can still move your character around the ship but your view is locked as if you were selecting a mission.

I think this is more of a glitch than a bug, but I`m adding it anyway.


UPDATE: The big issue that I posted earlier appears to have been resolved.

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I'm having issues selecting a mission because it freezes at the screen like playing the please wait window.
Additionally if I solo to skip this annoyance then upon finishing the mission and making it to the extraction I see the list of what I've gained and then the screen goes black and I see myself die. Then the screen just focuses on my dead body with the heart beat sound, lasted 20 minutes before I gave up and quit game.

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