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Afr0's Enclave Looking For A Few Players.


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The dojo is fairly small only 8 rooms or so but I'm hoping to recruit a some players.


Only requirements are as follows. 

Try to avoid being cruel to other players.

Knowing how to walk.

Being able to hold your own in a fight.


Advantages of joing are... 

Dojo is a nice place to hang out and I've got a trading post up and running.

If you're fast and don't have the latron wrath I might be able to help you earn it...
No hyper honorbinding of you must stay forever. 

Clans are useful once I'm able to find/make some forma research labs will be built.

Since the clan will be small if you stick around we can make you a room to call your own.

The atmosphere of the clan will hopefully be a nice one.


Odds are we won't be doing the solar rail stuff, it might happen.

I've got commitments outside the game so I might be gone for short periods of time.

This isn't the most professional clan so if you're super hardcore player you might not enjoy it that much.


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