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Cant Finish Beggining Missions,cant Remove Bolt As Not Rewarded With Salvage..grrrr


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can anyone shed some light on progress bug?i cant remove/build the ascaris negator,i wasnt rewarded with salvage,i thought this was a pc bug?

i cant progress,i cant remove the vor bolt thing ,i did the missions but for some reason after i finished wasnt rewarded with salvage etc so my blueprint is incomplete and theres no planet to get salvage from...yet,only the 3 planets available,ive tried to jump start the game by doing other missions,but still noway to get salvage to remove the bolt,i just uninstalled game,hopefully a fresh install will fix,not holding my breath though.

i moved from ps4 to xbone as i prefer xbox for any multiplats,im gutted this has happened,glad i held off buying plat.

anyone in simular boat?any one from D,E ?


this tenno is mighty pissed...apart from this,sterling job de,


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cant rank up,keeps saying come back in 15hrs,lol,i did first rank up yesterday,now its stuck in a loop,

my game is realy broke,

after fresh install i get no fix,im stuck

im searching for info all over,getting nowhere fast,any help appreciated

oh and will i get a new infinity booster?.since i cant realy play?..its just ticking down

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I don't know if this will work for you guys, but it worked for me. In the beginning of the game, you should have been introduced to the store/martketplace. From this, you should discover that most things bought in the store is bought with real life bought currency.


Anyway, getting to the point. You've been given 50 of that currency and depending on what the item is, you can buy it from the store.

When I found the item, I bought it and it was only for 10. After that, I was able to finish at the foundry and continue on.


This still is a bug though and it seriously should be fixed, but I hope this helped.

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