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The Identity Of The "new Associate" Of The Tenno.


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I have a Theory.


    The Tenno have been approached by this unknown, secretive stranger, who doesnt care for either the Grineer or the Corpus, as he sends us against them to collect this new material: "Cryotic". His attitude towards us is a bit arrogant, calling our Equipment and warframes "rudimentary" and "sophisticated". This whole thing is to provide us with a way of combating the Balor Fomorian's, which I assume are related to Vay Hek's Warships, as they have the same name. 

    With that in mind, think about these facts:

1. Who has a grudge against the grineer big enough or is arrogant to want to cripple Vay Hek, a powerful Grineer leader's, ships? 

2. Who has the Resources capable of sending Tenno supplies to excavate the material, but lacks the Manpower to do it himself? And most importantly,

3. Who has previously called Warframes "Outdated", and refers to them as old relics?



Alad V is the Mysterious Stranger. He is using us to Find a way for his infested Soldiers to take over Vay Hek's new ships. Now we know the J3 Golem is coming, and he's gonna be big, as in the whole level. What if the Cryotic we are mining is for the infested to mutate into a more advanced form, to take over bigger targets? Before Alad's experiment's, Corpus Moa's and Osprey's were immune to infestation, but on his ships we can see even Jackal's being assimilated. 


TL;DR: Alad V is The Unknown Stranger, and he's using us to get the stuff to build the J3 Golem.


Just wanted to get this out there, in case it is true, im calling it =D

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Woah.. woah...

This makes sense!

Respect, if this turns out to be true.


1) and 3) could be typical for the Corpus in general....


But 2) makes perfect sense! We're on Europa, killing Corpus who might as well do the excavations.

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"Sophisticated" is a compliment and he/she/it said that we simply are not well sophisticated enough to take on these fomorian ships.

So I assume that when U15 drops we would have an event that explaining (Possibly) how the archwings were created with our jelly fish eating "friend"

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When I read the part about being a big fan of the tenno, all I could think about was it being Derf Anyo

This. Also it doesn't sound like Alad V to come to us after we kicked his exiled arse twice, or talk about the wondrous taste of martian jellyfish.

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