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(Its) I'm Too Skilled Is Recruiting.


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The name of this clan is as you can see... I'm Too Skilled. We are a newer clan started a bunch of research. Decoration and we need your help to stay active. If you would like to give us a shot you can PM ME on PSN.


I already made the Emblem. This will be the link



- Clan Rules -


1. The first rule is to respect each other, we don't wanna have conflict so be mature and respectful and everything will be great.

2. You must be online, not everytime, we understand we are gamers anyway we play many games but being in a clan you must be active or you wil be excluded.

3. No Rushers in missions , we don't like it , we want competitive players that search to help the entire team.

4. You must help each other.

Thank You For Your Time. Have a Great Day Tenno ^^

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