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Kubrow Abilities


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First I want to ask if we will ever get a "Fetch" mod for our kubrows; similar to Carrier's "Vacuum." 

Second I want to suggest implementing a command feature to make our kubrows stay, attack, scavenge, etc. The reason for this is because when I want my kubrow to open red lockers sometimes it just stands there and looks at the locker instead of scratching it to see if it will turn green. Also, sometimes our kubrows run off into a mob of enemies when they are still low rank and get killed easily. Having a command feature for our companions would really improve part of the game and make it more interesting and fun.  


If someone already asked these things sorry I did not read through the forums and search for it. 

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They just need to get a little smarter, that's all, maybe a bit like Spectres? More keys would complicate the game and personally I don't like to look at my keyboard while playing.

Who actually does look at their keyboard unless they are a new player and still learning. With the level that most of us play at if we take our eyes off of the screen we could die in those few seconds that we are trying to do something.

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