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Building Forma Lost Me 4 Of Each Material


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So this is legitimately my fault... I should have probably waited longer than I did to click on it again, but the first time I legitimately thought "maybe I accidentally clicked 'cancel'".


I started off with 21 orokin cells and 4 neural sensors (and some large amount of morphics and neurodes). When the forma finally was made, I had 17 orokin cells, no neural sensors, and -4 morphics/neurodes. It'd be frustrating any way, but we had just got done farming for both orokin cells and neural sensors. But this was due to me clicking on the thing to building it, pressing okay, and nothing happening. So derpy me kept doing it expecting I was doing something wrong or that would fix it...


Is there any way I can get the materials refunded? >: I did three 15-minute survivals for the 4 neural sensors, and I already had more orokin cells, but we had just finished farming defense missions to get more of them (dem prime weapons.)


I was streaming at the time so I highlighted to show my unwise self making unwise decisions. But I'd say it's legitimately a bug, because normally it would start building.




Thanks if you can help. <3


- Bebeness

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