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Selling Prime Sets/parts


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Here is a list of what i sell, if u are interested u can contact me here or add me in game.


prime weapons:


boar prime:

  -barrel             9p

  -stock              7p




boltor prime:


  -stock               5p

  -receiver           5p

  -BP                 30p


bronco prime:

  -barrel              5p





burston prime:

  -barrel             5p

  -stock              5p

  -receiver        10p



latron prime:

  -barrel             4p    

  -stock              5p


  -BP                  4p


lex prime:

  -barrel            15p

  -receiver         10p

  -BP                 20p


sicarus prime:

  -barrel              5p       


  -BP                   5p


braton prime:




  -BP                   5p


Reaper prime :

  -blade               5p

  -handle             5p

  -BP                   5p


dakra prime:

  -blade              10p

  -handle             5p



fang prime:

  -blade              10p

  -handle            10p



glaive prime :


  -blade              15p

  -disk                10p



Bo prime:

  -ornament         5p




Paris prime:

  -lower limb        4p

  -upper limb

  -string               5p





Ember prime:

  -chassis            4p

  -helmet             5p

  -system           15p



Frost prime:

  -chassis            5p

  -helmet            10p

  -system             5p

  -BP                   5p


Mag prime:

  -chassis           4p

  -helmet            4p


  -BP                  4p


Loki prime:



  -system          70p

  -BP                 10p


Rhino prime:

  -chassis          25p

  -helmet           10p

  -system           4p



i also have a lot of mods so if u are looking for something add me in game and ask. :)

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