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Looking To Sell This Stuff .

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Rhino prime systems and chassis BP.


mag prime BP


ember prime systems BP


paris prime BP


Rare shotgun mods- i have bit of a collection, their all maxed,


Latron prime BP



I have various prime parts i haven't listed as im not on right now. will update as i get time.


akbronco prime bp


bronco prime bp


Cryotic mod set, fully maxed, selling as set.



alot of this isnt worth much,

but im not gonna even respond to joke offers for the mod set.

knowing full well  what i can get for these, considering what i got for my tethra set during breeding grounds.

so lets be adults and not waste each others time.



NOTE, as i do try to actively sell all of this anytime im on,

its possible they could be sold in game,

so if your interested and have an offer, make one.


I will at the very least check here once day.


"note again" i will update with what prime parts and stances im willing to sell once i got through them all later.



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ill buy your rhino prime chassis and systems for all my credits (which is like 100k)

hmmm see thing is sure i could use the credits but i can get 100k in like under 4 hours hell under 1 easily if i just go on credit grind with my clan and even without trying i get that many so it doesn't make sense for me to sell it for credits 

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