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Issue With The Vectis Sniper Rifle Zoom


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I recently built the Vectis, and have found that when zoomed in using the weapon, the targeting reticle is not where the bullet lands. 


Please look into this, or let me know if this is an intended feature, as it is rather frustrating to have to aim to the right of my targets, and not know where I will hit them.

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Some people have had luck by adjusting their resolution to a 4:3 aspect ratio. Some people fixed it by simply changing the resolution to something else and then changing it back to what they use.


I've been told that the game stores an image of what the scope looks like and this bug is from some inconsistency between the dimensions of that image and the dimensions of your resolution causing the scope image to skew, moving the centerpoint. The above suggestions are attempts to fix that. They do not always work.


Not quoting a dev reply. Just a bug I've seen posted many times and replies I've seen others call helpful.

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