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A Sand Frame My Idea(Art If Enough People Want This)


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Ok so I was thinking why not have a sand frame might as well so here is my idea for one enjoy ^^.










Run speed-1.1



Sand Blast-25 E Hits for 100(only on direct contact) stuns enemies in a .25/.5/.75/1 (m) area.

Sandstorm-50 E Lasts for 5/10/12/15 sec enemies are stunned but if hit they will attack area they were hit from if a sound is made they shoot in that direction, gives Psamaion 1.5x run speed and covers a room regardless of how big. (speed boost only affects Psamaion) .

Shifting Sand- 75 E Leaves a decoy with 500/700/1000/1500 H and you switch where you were aiming what you had agro on will continue to shoot decoy you can teleport for 20/35/50/60(m).

Quick Sand-100 E Will immobilize enemies in a 5/10/15/20 m (cannot attack for first 5sec) area dealing 300 dmg per sec lasting for 10sec. Posamaion gains 1.5x run speed (in area of cast).\



Well tell me what you think please leave a comment below I will answer any question you have like I said if enough people like this idea I will provide art for it.


                                                                                                                                              Thanks for reading



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