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Not Receiving Items After Mission


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I don't know if some other players are experiencing this, but during a void tier one defense mission I got a forma blue print and a fang prim blue print too and after the mission I wasn't accredited them I thought the game bugged because during the game a member left in the middle of it. So I did another mission of the same type and received quite a few Prim blue prints (and regular ones) but after the mission none of them where in my inventory either.

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If you were with at least another player, you should open a support ticket with details such as

- players' names,

- date-time of the mission,

- type of mission,

- what you want the support to recover for you (only one item). 


With all those details, support may found a crossed reference and fix it


BUT if you were playing alone in any kind of matchmaking (multi, private or invite only), support won't help you because the game is designed like this:

If you were playing alone in any kind of matchmaking, you won't be put in matchmaking, you will be playing as if you were in solo mode.

Therefore you're screwed because there won't be a log to make evidence, no reference (or support is unable to make a crossed reference) then no fix from support.


It's not a problem with support, it's a bad game concept.

IF playing SOLO (whatever the matchmaking), you're on your own.



That ruins all fun for soloers.

Personnally, i have less and less interest in wf...

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I wasn't exactly sure where to put this, but I have something of a similar problem. I ran the Ponaturi(Sedna) mission today, finishing at about 4:50pm EST or so. The alert reward was for the Oryx Oberon helmet Blueprint. I was a little surprised because I got everything else from the mission, including all of the resources and even the mods, but no helmet. I checked my inventory, the forge, and everything. No BP.

I can always find it to get it again later, but it was a little upsetting; I've been waiting for this helmet for a long time.

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