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Wtb Is Going On Here.... (Bugged Infested)



Whenever I play an infested defence mission and I get up to around wave 10 the game will lag so bad that I can hardly move.

It seems like this happens when one or two ancient healers attack the pod. As I fire my 6 formaed Torid or grenade launcher around them the damage numbers that pop up are a zeros!! Then the game starts lagging and gets so bad that I can't do anything and I fail the mission.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Using a hd7970 sapphire btw.

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Can't say anything about the lag, but it seems AOE weapons behave oddly around Ancient Healers because of their damage reduction aura. Regularly see 0s on things when using my 6 forma Ignis on them, especially when there are 2 or more of them, because they boost each other, and at higher level that gets rediculous.

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