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Operation The Sect Of The Grineer


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I had this idea about an grineer rebellion and I know that does not seam possible with all that grineer propaganda but hear me out. First there would be a new character, Troc Umphfar that is introduced. This guy  is a cult leader of grineers who had their DNA mixed thanks to Tyle Regors unfinished work. Because of this they still look like grineer but are much more logical and perhaps more dangerus. However they have seen the tennos powers and want to make a deal with the lotus. They help them with their battle with the excicutioners and in return give a DNA sample from the last Orokin child.


My idea is that these grineer color their face and masks half red to symbolize the other half of themselves. Their armor would also be a little more bulkier that grineer armor. During this operation a new mission type would be available. The mission would be to defend a group of these greneer rebels while they hack doors,systems, and possibly turrets around the map. Some would of course fight but there would be at least 3 engineers hacking the object. If the grineer engineers die the mission would have failed. 


There would also be cut scenes like in vors prize where Troc Umphfar would meet the team on a coupus extermination mission. Here is probably how it would be portrayal


As the team proceeded to the corpus hanger they are greeted by a large grineer force. As they seamed to be at a Mexican stand off, just before they were going to attack they would hear a voice.


"Wait tenno, let me explain"


A young grineer goes forward and puts down his dual vipers on the ground.


"I am Troc Umphfar, leader of this group. though you may or may not see it but we are different from those you usually fight. It is because of our origin and because of that the others come to cleanse us, and remove our other selves. "


The team seams a little bit surprised but still have their guard up.

"I do know that you killed many of us and wonder why we would forgive and forget that which you have done. But that is just one half and the other knows your power that shows that grineer dominace will never come, so help us. Across the galaxy with our defense of our colonies and we shall share the one thing that you you never found, a strain of hair from the last child of the orokin"


At that moment he holds out an orb which holds a baby who still is in a artificial womb of sorts. the tenno would see it and the one who is hosting the mission will go forward.


"do we have a deal"


Troc raises his hand for a hand shake and after some hesitating the tenno shakses the hand


"then lets get started"


Then the rast of that mission you get to extraction as you see grineer rebels leave in their ships.



At points of the missions there would be confontrations with grineer bosses like captain vor or sargus ruck. in these missions Troc would be acompening you as both grineer argue about what is the way this is going to end. 



After the operation there would should be the option to create a clan on a rebel grineer colony which you would have rebel grineer patrol the dojo as hired gauds. There you could go out an see the colony wiht the other players that are visiting it and be able to do work/quests for some people there. The prizes would be a rebel grineer armor pack, a rebel grineer viper skin, and of couse the DNA strand which unlocks a new boss in the void. Let the next idea come after that.

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