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Attack Speed Cap.


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Each animation set (not weapon. The animations change with stances and such) has a certain speed. Attack speed mods are multipliers over that speed.

If a hammer swing takes 2 seconds, max Fury (+30% attack speed) will make it take 1.54 seconds. Put that on a sword that swings in 0.9 seconds (pulling numbers from thin air, mind you), it'll now take 0.7 seconds.

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No cap AFAIK but you're going to hit top speed with the fang prime pretty easily.

You're not going to hit fang prime's top speed unless you're using Volt with sprint boost, rush, intesify, Max blind rage and arcane storm helmet with speed activated. As a matter of fact it's impossible to hit any melee weapon's top speed without Volt with that loadout.

Edit: I have that as 1 of my loadouts for Volt and use Fang Prime with Sinking Talon, Fury, Berserker (no Spoiled Strike for this) and I personally get whiplash everytime.

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Brutal Tide going nearly full speed is almost uncontrollable btw. I have yet to put Quickening on it to go full speed.


You just vaguely aim in the direction of an enemy and hope your hurricane of fists and feet wipes them out.


After a certain point, with Speed, you go too fast for it to be actually useful unless you 2 hit things guaranteed.


But I digress. Speed + Brutal Tide/Cleaving Whirlwind + Kogake/Galatine + Warcry + Berserker is really fast, I'd hate to see it with Quickening added on honestly.


The spin animation of Cleaving Whirlwind ends before you can really react to starting the next combo. If it weren't for Toxic Ancients, Volt could effectively protect the pod solo on any infestation defense as long as he got Warcry. Spin around the pod with Galatine like a barbarian from Diablo 2. And heaven forbid you get a proper full power Roar and Warcry. Have your friends take out Toxic Ancients before they can wipe your hp out, and you should last for 20 waves easily.


It is quite silly but I will be honest.


Nearly full speed volt with a weapon that is crazy when it benefits from the speed, is the most fun I've had in this game.


At 750 hours roughly atm. Nothing has topped it.

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