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Wts Lots Of Prime Parts And Mods! Cheap! Ask Me Even More Discount!

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WTS LOTS OF PRIME PARTS AND MODS!! If you buy more then 2 parts or mods i make a discount



Sets: Boar P set 20P

         Paris P set 30P

Arcane helmet: Arcane aurora helm 30P!



     Barrel Diffusion 10P
     Cleaving Whirlwind 5P
     Crossing Snakes 5p
3x Fired Up 5p ea
     Heavy Trauma 5p
     Hells Chamber 10P

3x Intensify 7P ea

     Quickening 10P

     Ravage 10P

13xReflex Guard 3P ea
     Retribution 5P

3x Seismic Palm 5P ea
2x Steady Hands 5P ea

     Sure Footed 10P

     Thunderbolt 5P SOLD!
     Maxed Thunderbolt 30P

     Vital Sense 10P


Prime Parts:

3x Akbronco BP 2p ea
     Anykros Blade 5P SOLD!

     Bo P BP 5P
5x Bo P Blade 2p ea

2x Boar p Reciever 4P ea

4x Boltor P Stock 10P ea

     Braton p BP 5P

     Burston P Barrel 5P ea
2xBurston P Stock 5P ea
2x Dakra P BP 5P ea

    Ember P Helm 5P

    Ember P Chassis 5P
2x Frost P Chassis 5P ea

    Lex P Reciever 5P

    Loki P BP 10P

    Mag P BP 5P

2x Mag P System 5P ea SOLD!

2x Mag P chassis 5P ea
    Orthos P BP 10P

3x Orthos P Handle 5P ea

5x Paris P Lower Limb 4P ea
    Reaper P Handle 5P

2x Rhino P helm 5p ea SOLD!
2x Rhino P System 5P ea
    Sicarus P Barrel 5P

    Wyrm P Carapace 10P SOLD!

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