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Arsenal Numbers Display: Positive Values Vs. Negative Values


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In the arsenal upgrade menu, smaller numbers are normally red while larger ones are green. This can be a little misleading particularly with reload time and possibly conclave ratings. As far as I can tell Elemental trades seem to be colored correctly, as there's a number being lost and one being gained. Although, it would not hurt to see if the trade-off notice could be improved. I'll use the Marelok in my examples.


The Marelok has a base reload time around 1,700 milliseconds. Using both max-rank Quickdraw and Stunning Speed together reduce the Marelok's reload time by about 800 milliseconds, bringing it to approximately 900 milliseconds. Thus, I ask: Why is the number change on "Reload | 1.7 > 0.9" red instead of green? Isn't it better to have a faster reload than a slower one?


Conclave ratings are all ways going up, as per the nature of the game: Make your weapons and frames as powerful as you can; yet, in certain cases, this logic becomes counter-intuitive when soloing. Thus, I wonder why the larger numbers are green when the gains should probably be red. (My Marelok has one forma, and has a catalyst. Thus, it's base conclave is a little higher than the base weapon. Its current upper conclave rating is between 260 and 300 with eight mods, and quite murder-ific to boot.) I've also noticed individual conclave ratings are not present, which is a little curious, given that the display can show "Conclave | 30|900 > 30|1200", which happens to be an overall total. Add a line to show the active item's contribution and total?


The elemental combinations and trades are probably going to be complex to improve. Still, having a break-down of the individual elements' contribution to a combination might be a better idea. Maybe show it as a mathematical expression? This way, when there are two or more elements, each individual element has it's contribution shown, and the actual attack properties are shown below. Have the corresponding symbols change color in addition to the numbers whenever there's an elemental getting traded out. The ever-changing tips box might need to be tossed to the other side of the active mods to accommodate.

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If you noticed, the only thing where the red/green up/down value is going bonkers, is the reload thing. Reload times are the ONLY thing that is better when lower, so this is a coding issue, and it has been reported multiple times already. They're probably trying to figure out how to fix it.


What I'm a lot more grumpy about, is that they're again in the stupid red / green mode. They should swap the green with the blue they previously had, which showed a mod matching polarity with the slot it was put into. Which is now green, which is a total let down.


>> Conclave ratings are all ways going up - this logic becomes counter-intuitive when soloing.

You just happened to answer your own question. Solo / Co-op play is PvE, while Conclave is PvP. The fundamental flaw in the concept is that the game uses a pvp based score for it's PvE scaling, and the Conclave ratings on mod cards are solely based for pvp purposes. This is why faction specific mods of any rank are only worth 1 point, while still giving 30% more damage. Because faction specific damage is absolutely unimportant in pvp. They should make a split, and give each item a pvp and pve rating, if they really want to continue this road.


Forma and Catalysts do not give you conclave points per se. Only mods, their increased rank, and increasing levels of your Warframe adds to this. Sentinels and their weapons keep their base conclave rating at any level.


I don't understand what you talk about individual conclave ratings on active items, because that is exactly what you're getting. Hover / upgrade any of your parts in the main arsenal, and the indicator on the left shows it's item value, while the right shows the total. Mod cards even show their individual rank upon mouse-over. The only thing you don't currently see instantly is the value of your naked Warframe or other naked equipped item, but you just need to strip / switch to an empty config to see the points. If that is what you mean with lacking individual item rating, then yes you are right, but I'd rather want to see this in a separate line below the conclave rating because else it breaks the available space upon a single change since you have to accommodate up to 8 symbols in the same line which don't even change. And that is clearly out of the question in terms of fitting. A line below would be better suited.


Elemental combinations are fine in my point of view. Once you start to mess with colours, you have the problem that some might appear too similar, or several damage types would share a very similar colour, as you have 10 possible outcomes required to colour. Not to mention that in theory the basic IPS damage types could get a colour as well, related to their effectiveness against the factions.

The plain symbols already do mostly a decent job in my opinion, with two exceptions, which are toxic and gas.

The individual elemental contribution is unnecessary information when it comes to the new combined damage type, as only the total matters, not the individual part.


I only support the swap to the right due to increased readability since the right side is more closer to the camera than the left, but other than that it doesn't really matter. I think the tip box is fine on the upper left, as this is the basic starting reading point for the majority of players due to their language. In terms of readability, the font size and strength has been drastically improved compared to the previous one.


I'd much rather have the mod line scroll DOWNWARDS. Listing mods left to right, descending, like the majority of the reading flow does, which would also save tons of scrolling.

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