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Kashuken's Mega Ultra Super Awesome Warehouse

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This is what i currently have in stock


Akbronco Prime BP x3

Ankyros Prime BP x5

Ankyros Prime Gauntlet

Bo Prime Ornament x3

Boltor Prime Receiver

Boltor Prime Stock x6

Burston Prime Receiver

Burston Prime Stock x3

Ember Prime BP x2

Ember Prime Chassis BP

Ember Prime Helmet BP x2

Frost Prime Chassis BP

Frost Prime Helmet BP x4

Glaive Prime BP

Glaive Prime Blade

Latron Prime BP x2

Latron Prime Barrel

Latron Prime Receiver x8

Latron Prime Stock x4

Lex Prime Barrel

Mag Prime BP x3

Nyx Chassis BP x5

Nyx Helmet x2

Oberon Chassis BP x2

Oberon Helmet BP x3

Paris Prime Lower Limb x4

Paris Prime String x4

Rhino Prime Chassis BP

Rhino Prime Systems BP x8


Mods - Unranked

Common - 1p

Uncommon - 3p

Rare - 5p

Nightmare - 10p

Corrupted - 10p


Some mods i do have and others i dont it just depends so ask beforehand and i may have it but i sell all mods unranked


If you are intrested PM or even /w me if in game or just reply to the thread with what you want and offer, i am open to negotiations


IGN: Kashuken

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