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A Short Warframe/hellsing Crossover I Wrote


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     Shrieks and howls echo through the empty metal halls of the seemingly abandoned ship, the last sputters of life from dying Infected Grineer and Corpus. A lone figure stands, weapons ready, at the end of a hall with a closed door before him. Behind him, innumerable dismembered and massacred Infected. Sickly colored blood gleams off of his silver bayonets and drips down to the metallic floor as he prepares to enter the monster's den.

     The doors in front of him slide open with a grinding sound and a voice rings in his ears, "Why do you destroy us? We are your flesh!"

     "Silence, ye unrighteous abomination! The dead don't speak." Bayonets are reared and readied, the figure rushes into the room, screaming his words, "I am the servant of the Lotus and messenger of Her justice! I am the instrument of Her Divine wrath on the Origin System! I am called upon to cleanse the Infested, and bring ash from the flesh of Her enemies!" Now face to face with the creature, he raises his bayonets and forms them into a cross shaped pattern, "AMEN!!!"


So yeah, I had planned to write a  full crossover, but I just really had this scene sticking in my head and wanted to type it down.

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