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A Small Bug,on The Corpus Outpost Tileset, Encountered In The Survival Alert For The Fortitude Mod.


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It is a simple bug I encountered while doing one of the "Back to school" alerts.


The wall depicted in the picture is not solid. You can walk trough it and suffer a painful death as you fall trough the world.

I stumbled upon it by accident,while running away from some infested.







Nothing game-braking,just a little heads up.


One more issue possibly worth noting is that once you die, by falling trough said wall, the lotus will start repeating some of the lines she previously said.

In my case,the lotus repeated the "lone tenno raiding the ship for supplies" as well as the "Our operative is making progress" lines for two or three minutes.


Thank you for these alerts,DE

Good luck and good hunting Tenno!

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