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Warframe Update Failed



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What do i do to fix this or whatever I don't know what to do not able to log on every time it get's to Checking for new content it just says Update failed can someone reply asap to help me i don't wanna be late for the Back to school alerts 

I dont think the error is on our' end because this is an issue that arose after the update, something they coded does not work properly. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, verified, and done all sorts of other options to fix this issue but the issue remains the same and the endless error update loop remains. I hope this issue is resolved soon, warframe doesnt seem to have a big player base and this shrinks it drasticly, this issue is affecting many people, many who dont even feel like posting on the forums about it. 7' files always fail in this update but I have no way of knowing which files.

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