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Wts Boar/glaive/latron Prime Sets/cicero Sets+Prime Parts/unranked Mods V20

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Boar Prime Set- 20p

Glaive Prime Set- 20p

Latron Prime Set- 15p

Cicero set x11- 10p each

AkBronco Prime Blueprint x8- 4p each

Bronco Prime Blueprint- 4p

Burston Prime Barrel x3- 10p each

Burston Prime Stock x2- 2p each

Fang Prime Blade x4- 5p each

Frost Prime Chassis x5- 3p each

Frost Prime Helmet x6- 3p each

Frost Prime Systems x6- 6p each

Latron Prime Barrel x3- 4p each

Latron Prime Receiver x2- 4p each

Latron Prime Stock- 6p

Orthos Prime Blade x2- 15p each

Paris Prime Blueprint x2- 2p each

Paris Prime Lower Limb x8- 2p each

Paris Prime Upper Limb- 6p

Reaper Handle x7- 3p each

Reaper Prime Blueprint x5- 3p each

Rhino Prime Blueprint- 12p

Rhino Prime Chassis x8- 4p each

Rhino Prime Systems x2- 8p each

Corrosive Projection x2- 10p each

Enemy Radar x2- 8p each

Energy Siphon x2- 12p each

Loot Detector- 25p

Physique x4- 4p each

Rejuvenation x2- 8p each

Rifle Amp x6- 8p each

Rifle Scavenger x3- 4p each

Shield Distuption- 8p

Shotgun Scavenger x2- 4p each

Sniper Scavenger- 4p

Steel Charge x2- 8p each

Cleaving Whirlwind- 12p

Coiling Viper x4- 4p each

Crossing Snakes x9- 4p each

Eleventh Storm- 8p

Flailing Branch- 12p

Gemini Cross x4- 4p each

Grim Fury x8- 10p each

Homing Fang- 8p

Iron Phoenix- 8p

Malicious Raptor x2- 15p each

Pointed Wind- 8p

Swirling Tiger x13- 5p each

Accelerated Blast x6- 2p each

Arrow Mutation- 8p

Barrel Diffusion- 10p

Berserker x2- 8p each

Blaze x2- 10p each

Constitution- 5p

Fired Up x10- 2p each

Focus Energy- 3p

Fortitude x5- 4p each

Hammer Shot x2- 10p

Heavy caliber- 10p

Hell's Chamber x7- 5p each

Ice Storm x4- 3p each

Intensify x3- 5p each

Malignant Force x12- 3p each

Master Thief x3- 4p each

Pistol Ammo Mutation- 8p

Pistol Pestilence x16- 3p each

Quick Thinking x2- 10p each

Shotgun Ammo Mutation- 8p

Shred x4- 3p each

Sniper Ammo Mutation- 8p

Streamline x8- 3p each

Thunderbolt x5- 3p each

Toxic Barrage x17- 3p each

Vigor x5- 3p each

Virulent Scourge x22- 3p each

Whirlwind- 20p

Wildfire- 3p

If anything seems too high, make me an offer! IGN: JuanDeages

*I will now label my threads with a version number. Only the newest version will be updated as items are sold and acquired.

Edited by JuanDeages
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Here my list of mods that i want:

How much?


Energy Siphon

Hell's Chamber 
Steel Charge 
Heavy caliber 
Ice Storm 



Well lets do a quick tally then: 12+5+5+8+3+8+10+3+8=62p


If that seems fair to you I will get everything to you asap. I won't have enough trades to get everyone everything in one day.

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Hey mate, I'd like to buy the following if they are available:


Rhino Prime BP

Rhino Prime Chassis

Glaive Prime Set

Cleaving Whirlwind Stance mod


Let me know if they are available. Cheers :D


I currently promised the glaive prime set to another buyer, but everything else is available. If I get lucky and find another blade I can make another set though lol.

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I currently promised the glaive prime set to another buyer, but everything else is available. If I get lucky and find another blade I can make another set though lol.


Hey mate, I only actually need 2 blades, so even if there was one blade on offer I'd be keen.. (I might be able to get one blade elsewhere).


I'll get on now to see if you are around.

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