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Vay Hek Bugged... (Not Dropping Systems Bp?)


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Me (Sonic_CeAzz) and a friend (CAS_FreAKaZoiD) play the Vay Hek mission to get the Hydroid blueprints. 


We played the mission more than 20 times and like half of them ended with an invincible/bugged Vay Hek/Terra Frame. 

It's the scene when you finally kill Vay Hek. Sometimes he leave his Terra Frame still intact and invulnarable to any damage = impossible to finish the mission. 

It happens after almost every working mission and at one time the bug even occured three times in a row. 



Our drops so far (when the mission worked for us of course): 


7 Helmets 

6 Chassis 

0 Systems  





Seriously, we start to believe everytime he is about to drop a Systems BP he simply start to bug. 

Leaves us very p*ssed to start the mission over and over again (over 20 times).

It's very hard to farm those beacons you need to build the key to Vay Hek. And we won't start to farm them again till we know everything is just fine. 


So DE please take a look at it. 

Edited by (PS4)Sonic_CeAzz
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