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Slam Radius Of Jat Kittag And Silva & Aegis ? + Reach Mod



Jat Kittag
Silva & Aegis

I don't see reach info from forums or wiki.  (amphis has 5 meter)
bonus: Does reach affect slam radius? (some topics said yes and some no)

It feels Silva has more aoe but some correct info would be nice.
Did not notice effect aoe growing while using reach but visuals are not always modded with mods?

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jat kittag, aoe starts at end of stick (5 meter from frame)

silva and aegis, aoe starts from feet.

same aoe, other just starts from different spot.

both have aoe of 5 meter
reach= no effect


if anyone got different results tell me.
test subjects: explosive barrels, containers, grineers

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