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Prime Stuff And Mods


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Prime Weapon Parts                  Price

AkBronco Prime BP                     7P

Bo Prime Ornament x6                5P each

Boar Prime Receiver x4               2P each

Boar Prime Stock x4                    5P each

Braton Prime BP x3                     2P each

Bronco Prime BP x5                    5P each

Burston Prime Receiver              3P

Burston Prime Stock x3              2P each

Dakra Prime Handle                   4P

Latron Prime Blueprint x6           1P each

Latron Prime Stock x4                4P each

Lex Prime Receiver                    15P

Orthos Prime Blade x2               10P each

Orthos Prime BP                        4P

Orthos Prime Handle                 5P

Paris Prime Lower Limb x8       3P each

Paris Prime String x2                3P each

Reaper Prime BP                      4P

Sicarus Prime Barrel x2            5P


Warframe BluePrint Parts      Price

Ember Prime Chassis               3P

Frost Prime Chassis x2            5P each

Frost Prime Systems                7P

Mag Prime BP x3                     2P each

Mag Prime Chassis x2             2P each

Mag Prime Helmet                   2P




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